CradlePoint NetCloud Essentials

With CradlePoint's new business model, all of the current routers are sold with NetCloud Essentials. NetCloud Essentials consistes of 24x7 support (CradleCare), NetCloud Manager and NetCloud Perimeter. These services are included in the 'Solution Package' and are available as 1yr, 3yr or 5yr entitlements. After that, the NetCloud Essentials must be renewed.

24x7 Support

CradlePoint has not produced a Product Brief for Support, formerly known as CradleCare. If you need more information on this product, I will refer you to CradlePoint's Page here.

NetCloud Manager

NetCloud Manager (NCM) is an essential tool for managing your CradlePoint devices remotely. Whether your routers are deployed in distant locations, used for digital signage installations, or just simply traveling with your field sales team, CradlePoint makes it easy to keep in touch with the edge of your 3G/4G Network.

NCM is now available in 3 versions, NCM Standard, NCM Prime, and NCM Enterprise. Depending on the router/Solutions Package purchased, NCM standard or NCM Prime is provided. Upgrades to the next level of NCM are available.

NetCloud Perimeter

NetCloud Perimeter provides a software defined network for your devices. I think of it as 2 different implementations.

Implementation 1 - IOT devices behind a CradlePoint Router (Gateway)

This implementation is ideal for situations where cameras, sensors, printers, etc. are sitting behind the CradlePoint router. When NetCloud Perimeter is implemented, a virtual private network is established. Any device behind the CradlePoint is accessed by a private IP address. Access to the network is by invitation only. So, hackers are unable to access these devices because they cannot see them. These devices do not require a public IP address.

Implementation 2 - Workstations, Servers, Tablets, Cellular Phones

This implementation is ideal for businesses with a remote workforce. If a device is not sitting behind behind a CradlePoint router gateway, a client is deployed directly on IoT devices, laptops, tablets, and smartphones that run Linux, OS-X, Windows, Android, or iOS with the NetCloud Client. These devices are then invited into the 'private' network.

The installation is rather quick and simple, once you've seen it done. But with CradleCare 24x7 support, you can get assistance with the initial install and get it up and working in less than 10 minutes.

NCM CradleCare Bundles - available for Stand-Alone SKUs only.

These bundles do not seem to contain NetCloud Perimeter.

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1-yr NetCloud Manager Enterprise SaaS License + CradleCare
3-yr NetCloud Manager Enterprise SaaS License + CradleCare
5-yr NetCloud Manager Enterprise SaaS License + CradleCare
1-yr NetCloud Manager Prime SaaS License + CradleCare
3-yr NetCloud Manager Prime SaaS License + CradleCare
5-yr NetCloud Manager Prime SaaS License + CradleCare
1-yr NetCloud Manager Standard SaaS License + CradleCare
3-yr NetCloud Manager Standard SaaS License + CradleCare
5-yr NetCloud Manager Standard SaaS License + CradleCare


Pricing is for an individual CradlePoint. For Solution Package renewals, the appropriate NetCloud Essentials renewal is necessary. They are available in 1, 3 or 5 year packages.

For the above stand-alone SKUs, pricing is per unit for a entitlement for 1 year.


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